RealGood Stuff Co.

3 Campaign ideas

• Once I learn your purpose and story, a mutil-phase plan to grow your base will be created. Below, I’ve laid out the strategy, results and three campaign ideas to enhance community engagement, product awareness, showcase your value in Chicago’s competitive food landscape and increase sales.


  1. Determine who your audience is.

  2. What is your unique message. Speak to this, through consistent storytelling and visuals.

  3. Identifying the importance of being part of the online conversation - through partnerships with influencers, community, and social.


  1. We’ll get more people talking about RealGood Stuff = more sales.

  2. With compelling content you can engage with your consumers and become part of the community = more sales.

  3. The more ways you tell your story, the more you stay top-of-mind = more sales.

Campaign #01 ~ Farmer Feature

  1. Each month, feature a farmer that RealGood is sourcing their food from. This helps your customers build a closer relationship with your brand and secure positive feelings, loyalty and trust in your product. Learning more about the farmer also provides better awareness of the farmer’s process and their connection to the food your customer is consuming.

    a. Sheds light on one of the “Why’s” RealGood is bringing local farmed food to you.

    b. Stronger connection/brand loyalty

    c. Trust in the product

    d. Building an even stronger relationship with the farmer

  2. During the feature month, add content

    a. Two write-ups on website

    b. Share stories on social

    c. If doable, a meet and greet with the farmer

    d. Go live with a micro influencer farmer for a q&a. By leveraging their equity (with local followers), it elevates RealGood Stuff brand.

Campaign #02 ~ Veggie of the Month

  1. Each month, feature a vegetable that pairs with a RealGood food or drink product. This helps people remember RealGood as a resource for food related content needed on a whim or becomes a go-to. Mix in tried and true foods to expand users horizons. Builds trust and credibility.

  2. Example for month one: The Beet

    a. Include 2-4 articles on the vegetable on website. Examples of titles: The Beet Goes On, The Beauty and the Beet, Beets Boost Energy, 3 Ways to Love a Beet (More)

    b. Include recipe ideas that pair with or include RealGood

    c. Social: Short, edgy, humorous, informative posts

    d. Take the beet/product on an exploration of Chicago and share visuals

    e. Tastings of product

  3. Other veggies to feature and title ideas: Rock the Carrot, Ginger Be Good, The Good Apple

Campaign #03 ~ Increase Engagement w/Social

  1. Add variety to your social feed..

    a. Insight: variety adds value and entertainment. Result: increased engagement

  2. Post/Story ideas for Instagram

    a. Stories that include your customers using your product

    b. A look at behind the scenes of operations

    c. Short gifs or videos of ingredients in a juice (below is an example)

    d. Dogs and your biscuits (people love their dogs!)

    e. Giveaways

    f. Create a hashtag unique for RealGood Stuff - which encourages a younger demographic to share

  3. Facebook: Add a page or update what exists to keep it current and on brand.


Quick gif made to feature the 4 ingredients in your Lucky Juice-Iano.

Time to shoot, edit & gif it: 30 minutes

Why: It highlights the ingredients used in your juices. Deconstructing the juice brings your customer even closer to the pureness of what you’re creating.